Our own little startup incubator

Sometimes we have our own good product ideas… so we design and build them

At Erudito, we use hundreds of tools on a daily basis. Some for work, like Sketch for Product Design, After Effects for motion and Atom for development. Some are for personal use, like Steam for playing games and Twitch for watching other people play games because it’s been a long day and we can’t be bothered.

Every so often, one of us has a brilliant idea for a tool that would not only benefit the team, but would potentially make a really great product. Instead of throwing these ideas in the backlog, we vet them like a client project and if they’re good, we build them.

Our highly talented team and wide creative network mean we can design and build whatever our hearts desire with no compromises on quality. The lack of deadline means we have the freedom to invest heavily into the design, user experience and infrastructure of these apps.

We’re working on a few products at the moment, like these two: