Social Media Coordinator

Sydney, Remote (Part Time). Expires 31/08/2018

Hi there, we’re Erudito. We’re a design, development and everything else agency based in Surry Hills, Australia. Never heard of us? Yep, that’s pretty much why we need you.

We’re looking for someone to work with us part-time (a few days a week) on figuring out a social media strategy and growing our community. We’ve got a lot of great content coming out so we need some help sharing these with the right people. We’re also looking at starting a blog, so some help and direction on this would be fresh.

What we love: Fostering an authentic, engaged community around our work.
What we don’t love: Spam, buying likes and celebrating vanity metrics.

We’re currently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn but we don’t post there often. We also have accounts on Dribbble and Behance which need some tender loving care. Our content is generally scheduled with Buffer (we love Buffer) and we use VSCO to edit our photos cause we’re so extra.

We need you to take lead on our social strategy, work with the Director and our team of creatives to source and produce high-quality, engaging content for different platforms. We need to figure out what’s relevant to our audience on each platform and deliver accordingly and attract new followings for all our channels. We’d also love to start sharing our journey, how our clients are doing and celebrating the wins.

Once we’ve grown, we’ll need your help to manage our communities, engage in conversations and respond to comments and reviews. Once the blog is up, we’d love for you to join in and write some great content about your role and your thoughts on the state of social media / marketing!

We’re not too fussed about qualifications, we’ll happily take you on if you’re a student! All we care about is that you show the same dedication to our core values that we do and are passionate about growing an authentic community. What we would like from you though is:

  • Experience with publishing in WordPress (if you’re not familiar, we can teach you)
  • Good knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter usage for organic growth
  • Strong writing skills and exceptionally fluent English (we really don’t like grammatical errors)
  • Preferably some experience in producing digital content (graphics, videos, etc)
  • Experience with some graphic design tools (Photoshop, Sketch, maybe Canva)
  • Strong time management skills

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! When you apply, we’d love for you to answer a couple of questions that we’ve been thinking about:

  1. Take a look at What’s good and bad about the account and how would you improve it to get to 10k followers within 90 days?
  2. Who are your social media heroes? What accounts do you think are doing great and why?

Erudito is an end-to-end strategy, brand, design, growth and product studio based in Surry Hills, Australia. We offer a range of services to help startups get from zero to one, whether it’s a massive project or some ad-hoc work.

We’re a small, distributed team which allows us to move quickly and break things… and sometimes put them back together. We like working on bit problems that are hard to solve, yet incredibly rewarding. We invest heavily in processes that allow us to work faster, smarter and more easily, but we never allow the quality of our work to be compromised… ever.

Everything matters here, especially the little details. We’re always reading, learning and sharing — our name, Erudito, means “having or showing great knowledge or learning” so this is particularly important to us. We’re never finished learning, forever students of our craft.

Lastly and most importantly to us, we’re authentic. No fake people, no narcissists, no jerks. What you see is what you get, from our people and our work.

Basically… we design, build and grow cool things.

If you’ve got a project for us and you believe you’re the right fit, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s grab a coffee in Surry Hills!

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